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The purpose of the mentoring programme is to bring the students at Porto Business School closer to professionals with an acknowledged professional merit, who used to be students themselves or who have a path directly connected to the Porto Business School.

It is intended that, in a rather informal manner, these professionals act as mentors, sharing their experience and advising the corresponding mentees in a rather marking stage of their career, such as the conclusion of a specialisation course in the management area.

The Mentoring Programme will be based on volunteering of the people interested in developing their own capabilities or that of others. Therefore, some guidelines were defined in order to define the responsibilities of each party involved, to ease the first contacts and to avoid the creation of false expectations

Mentor’s responsibilities

РTo share knowledge on training, specific functions, career, business culture, sectors,…;
– To honestly describe the career path, the successes, the decisions he would have made differently;
– To create an open and cosy environment;
– To clearly communicate his expectations to his mentees;
– To be available for the mentees and to communicate with the latter on a regular basis (2 hours per trimester);
– To be an active listener to the mentees;
– To be alert for opportunities the mentees should explore and to encourage them to do so;
– To present the mentees to other professionals and to ease the networking process.

Mentee’s responsibilities

– To contact different functions in a company, potential career paths, business cultures and sectors;
– To get counselling on his career path;
– To take advice and feedback in a non-defensive manner;
– To be realistic in the expectations placed on the mentor;
– To understand the expectations the mentor has for him;
– To plan and organise the Schedule for each meeting with the mentor;
– To explore the opportunities created by the mentor;
– To regularly thank the mentor for the time he dedicates to him.