Adam Woznica holds a position of a senior machine learning specialist in Expedia Inc. in Geneva, Switzerland working in the area of large scale recommender systems. He obtained a Master in Applied Mathematics from the Lodz University, Poland. He spent the final year of his graduate studies at the University of Porto where he was introduced to the world of data mining and machine learning. Adam also holds a PhD in Machine Learning from the University of Geneva, Switzerland. Prior to joining Expedia Inc. Adam worked as a post-doc researcher at the University of Geneva developing novel algorithms for automated scientific discovery.

Dr. Alan G. Robinson is an award-winning author, an educator, and a consultant. He co-authored the bestseller book Corporate Creativity: How Innovation and Improvement Actually Happen which was named Book of the Year by the Academy of Human Resource Management and was a finalist in the Financial Times/Booz Allen & Hamilton Global Best Business Book Awards. His latest book Ideas Are Free, published by Berrett-Koehler in March 2004 and co-authored with Dean Schroeder, is based on a global study of 150 companies in 17 countries, about best practice in promoting employee ideas. Alan has advised more than a hundred companies and government agencies in eleven countries in the US, Europe, Mexico and Japan. Recent clients include The Federal Reserve, Lucent Technologies, Toyota, UBS, Alcan, Standard and Poors, Volkswagen, The Washington Post, Medtronics, Heineken and Bose. Dr. Robinson is on the faculty of the Isenberg School of Management at the University of Massachusetts.

Albert Bifet is a Research Scientist at HUAWEI Noahs Ark Lab. His main research interest is in Learning from Data Streams. Prior to joining Huawei, he had been working at Yahoo! Research, University of Waikato, and UPC BarcelonaTech. He is the author of a book on Adaptive Stream Mining and Pattern Learning and Mining from Evolving Data Streams. He is one of the leaders of the MOA and SAMOA software environments for implementing algorithms and running experiments for online learning from evolving data streams.

Specialist in Logistic Strategy and Supply Chain Management. Degree in Mechanical Engineering from FEUP (1986). MSc in Distribution Management and Technology (1989) and PhD in Logistics and Distribution (1994), both from the Cranfield School of Management, Cranfield University (U.K.). He is Assistant Professor of the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management at FEUP, where he was Director of the Programme in Industrial Engineering and Management (1995 - 2000). He is currently Executive President of INEGI - Institute of Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Management (since April/2015) and President of APLOG - Portuguese Losgistics Association. He was Executive Vice-President of INEGI from 2010 to 2015 and was Vice-Dean at PBS from 2000 to Jun/2009. Lecturer at PBS (since 1995), where he currently teaches the Magellan MBA, the Executive MBA, and a number of executive education programmes. He has led more than 50 consulting assignment for Portuguese and multinational companies, from various industries.

Professor of Strategy and Organizations. Director of the Strategy and Management Research Centre at FDC. Academic Director of the BRICs on BRICs program. Aldemir is an economist and holds a PhD in Management Studies from Judge Business School, Cambridge University. His areas of expertise are strategy implementation and strategies of multinational corporations. Aldemir teaches on open enrolment and customized programs at FDC. Previously he was Director of the Executive MBA Program and Director of Human Resources at FDC.

PhD in Accountancy and Finance from Lancaster University (2002) and a degree in Management from the University of Porto (1995). Aldónio is a Senior lecturer at Monash University (Melbourne, Australia), which he joined in 2004. He has lectured at the Portuguese Catholic University (1995-98, 2002-04), at the University of Porto (2002-04). He also has experience in the banking sector and in consultancy for SMEs. Aldónio teaches and researches in the fields of Management Control and Management Accounting. He has published in prominent international journals. He was the elected representative of Portugal on the European Accounting Association Board (2003-06 and 2007-09).

De 1990 a 1992 frequentou o curso de Cozinha/Pastelaria da Escola de Hotelaria e Turismo do Porto. Nos dois últimos anos do curso (1991-1992) realiza estágio curricular no Hotel Le Meridien Porto e no Hotel Resthotel Primevére Fafe. Após o estágio desempenha a função de pasteleiro e de chefe de cozinha, nesses mesmos hotéis. É formador em diversas instituições tais como na Escola de Hotelaria e Turismo de Manteigas, na Associação Turística Terras Verdes, na Garfos & Letras e na Escola Superior de Turismo e Telecomunicações de Seia. Actualmente, exerce funções de chefe coordenador de cozinha/pastelaria na Escola de Hotelaria e Turismo de Lamego.

Founder of Competinov and National Benchmarking Consultant. PhD in Information and Knowledge Management for Innovation at the Complutense University in Madrid.

Degree and PhD in Computer Sciences by the University of Porto. Masters Degree in Advanced Information technology by the London Imperial College. Associated professor at the Porto Sciences Faculty. Specialist in Web mining and support to decision with data mining.

Amélia Brandão is graduated in Enterprises Management from the Universidade Portucalense Infante D. Henrique, Porto, in 1995. She holds a Master degree in Finance from the Universidade Portucalense Infante D. Henrique, 2003. She has been a Ph.D. student at the Faculdade de Economia do Porto (FEP) since 2006. Presently she is invited Assistant of Marketing and Brand Management subjects in FEP, since 2004. Additionally she is teaching Managerial Communication, Strategy Communication and Marketing in Faculdade de Letras da Universidade do Porto, since 2008 until present. She is invited teacher in Porto Business School (PBS) at Integrated Communication of Marketing subjects in Postgraduate courses since 2006 until present. Her previous work experience was in brand management consultancy at Associação Nacional de Jovens Empresários (ANJE), Associação Empresarial de Portugal (AEP), Markamos and XZ Consultores. She was coordinator and trainer for various projects and was senior consultant in micro enterprises (Formação e Ação em Micro Empresas -Fame project). She was Supervisor of Work Placements and Assistant Teacher at Universidade Portucalense Infante D. Henrique, 1995-2005, in undergraduate course, of Microeconomics, Marketing Research, Brand Management and Marketing Management subjects. From 2000 to 2004 she was Visiting Assistant Teacher at Faculdad de Ciencias Economicas y Empresariales, Universidad de Sevilla, in Marketing Undergraduate course.

Graduate in Economics and Master in Accounting and Administration by Minho University. Specialist in Accounting and Taxation of the Third Sector. Professor at Polytechnic Institute of Porto and a PhD student in Business Studies at the Faculty of Economics of Oporto.

Degree in Law from the Universidade Católica Portuguesa in Porto (1992), Master in Business Law from the University of Coimbra (1998) and Doctor in Business Law at the Minho University (2003). Lecturer in the Law School at the Minho University since 1993, teaching General Theory of Civil, Commercial Law, Commercial Contracts and Consumer Law in the law degree.

Degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the FEUP (1988). PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering from University of Porto (2000). He has been a university lecturer since 1988 at the FEUP and carries out research activity at INESC Oporto at the Production Systems Engineering Unit. He is currently involved in various industrial consultancy and R&D projects nationally and internationally. He regularly takes part in international and national conferences and is the author of various publications.

Ana Lopes gained a PhD from the University of East London (Anthropology and Sociology) and an MSc from the University College London (Social Anthropology). She currently teaches Anthropology and Sociology at the University of East London. She is a social entrepreneur and has worked in the International NGO sector both as consultant and researcher. She gained an Executive MBA from EGP-UPBS in 2008.

Human Resources Management Consultant and specialist in Development Improvement Systems and Training Evaluation. Graduated in Psychology (University of Porto) and Masters Degree in Human Resources Management (Minho University). Teacher at Polytechnic Instituto of Porto – Superior School of Industrial Studies and Management (IPP-ESEIG).

For the last 15 years, Ana has been passionate about searching and finding gems in data, Maths and Stats have always been the connecting thread throughout her career. After initial studies in management, a Masters in Data Analysis, and 7 years in the Statistics department of the Portuguese Central Bank, all in Porto, Ana completed a PHD in computer science at Edinburgh University and then spent an extra 4 years researching the inner workings of the global stock market for Edinburgh Partners. Ana now works within TIBCO Spotfires Industry Analytics Group. The group diligently surfaces sector specific use cases that can, via analytics and visualisation, deliver to TIBCOs clients the full value of their data. Representing the Group in EMEA and Latin America, Ana has helped a number of blue-chip organisations in their baby or sage steps into the world of Analytics and Big Data.

Degree in Psychology from the Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences at Coimbra University. Masters in Human Resources Management (dissertation stage) from the School of Economics and Management of Minho University. Communication Manager of the EFACEC Group. Secretary of the Company and Advisor to the Chairman of the Board of Directors. Lecturer at the School of Economics and Management of Minho University.

Holds a degree in Management by FEP.UP, with post-graduate studies in Marketing (specialization in E-marketing) by IPAM, and Information Management and Marketing Intelligence by EGP-UPBS. She is currently responsible for Collaboration Management and Social Media at the Sonae Indústria Group. Is also organizer of the events Talks 2.0 and Cidadania 2.0.

Economist at the Competition Authority, also incorporates UNIDE - Research Unit in Business Studies (ISCTE). Professor, Faculty of Economics of Porto and the Technical Superior Institute. PhD in Business at the University of Porto.

Advisor Technician at the Central Bank (Bank of Portugal). Deputy Head of the Issue and Treasury Departement of Bank of Portugal. Masters in Business Sciences from University of Porto. Degree in Economics from University of Porto.

Professor of the Faculty of Economics at University of Porto. Degree in Economics and academic part of the Masters in Economics from the Faculty of Economics at Oporto University.

She has a degree in Economics from the Faculty of Economics of Oporto (1996) and an MBA from INSEAD (2002). She is currently an Executive Board Member at Optimus. Previously, she was Director of the Mobile Residential Business Unit, managing both Marketing and Sales. During her time at the Operator, she has also been responsible for the Brand and Advertising Departments, and has integrated the SMEs and Data Services Business Units. During her time as an operator she has also been part of SME Business and Data Service Units. She started her career in Marketing at Procter & Gamble, having worked the Pantene and Fairy brands.

Ana Teresa Lehmann is Professor at EGP-UPBS and at FEP-U. Porto. Former Vice-President of the North of Portugal Regional Regional Authority (CCDR-N). Former Pro-Rector of the University of Porto (for Strategic Planning, relations with Companies, and Entrepreneurial Participations). Visiting Professor in several US/European universities, and a Board Member and former President of the European International Business Academy. Has a MSc, PhD and postdoctoral studies specialising on International Business/Foreign Direct Investment. Author of numerous presentations in top-level conferences, she is an Associate Editor (Strategy/International Business) of international scientific journals and has dozens of international publications in scientific journals and books. She has been a consultant to leading international institutions (OECD, UNCTAD) and to Portuguese and international policy-making and other organisations, as well as being involved in the management of several companies and foundations.

PhD in Political Science (London School of Economics), MA in Political Science (IEP – Universidade Católica Portuguesa), BA in Economics (Faculdade de Economia do Porto) – Is Assistant Professor at Universidade de Aveiro, where he lectures on ethics, public choice, public policy, regulation, and social policy. At Universidade de Aveiro he is also a member of the Research Unit on Governance, Competitiveness and Public Policy. He currently acts as coordinator of the MA programme on Governance, Competitiveness and Public Policy offered by Universidade de Aveiro and is a member of the Steering Committee of the Master in Public Administration programme offered by Universidade Católica (Porto) in association with Universidade de Aveiro. Collaborations as invited lecturer include EGP – University of Porto Business School and IEP – Universidade Católica Portuguesa. His research interests range from the political and economic thought of the late scholastics to rational choice theory, ethics and contemporary regulation and public policy analysis. He is the author of several publications in themes of political philosophy, ethics and political economy, including The Salamanca School, co-authored with José Manuel Moreira (New York: Continuum, 2010) and several articles in the forthcoming Encyclopedia of Power (ed. Keith Dowding, Sage Publications). He is also a referee for the journals Economic Affairs (ed. Philip Booth) and Public Administration (ed. R.A.W. Rhodes) and a member of the 2010-2012 board of the Portuguese Political Science Association.

A Senior Manager at Deloitte, Andre has over 12 years Consulting experience, serving leading financial services organizations in Europe and Middle East on Customer-focused business capabilities (Marketing Effectiveness, Customer Relationship Management, Multi-Channel strategy, Business Intelligence) and IT Governance topics (Enterprise Architecture, IT strategic planning, IT effectiveness & Cloud Computing). Graduated in Applied Mathematics in Economy & Management by Universidade Técnica de Lisboa, Andre is an invited professor of Customer Relationship Management at EGP.

Degree in Law from the Faculty of Law of Coimbra University. MBA from IE Business School. Attended the Advanced Negotiation Program at Harvard Law School (2006) and the High Potential Leadership Program at Harvard Business School (2012). He heads the CEO Office at Frulact .

Professor of the Faculty of Economics at University of Porto. PhD in Economics by the Faculty of Economics at University of Porto.

Degree in Economics from the Faculty of Economics of University of Porto. Post-Graduation Course in Business Accounting and Finance from the U. A.. Course leading to the Masters in Business Accounting and Finance from the U. A.. PhD in Business Management and Administration from Valladolid University with her curricular part completed (currently drawing up her Thesis). Responsible for Management Control, Administrative and Fiscal matters with Sonae Imobiliária (1990 – 98). Director responsible for the tax consultancy department at the Oporto office of Ernst & Young (1998- 2001). Partner of the company UHY & Associados, SROC, Ld.ª (since 2001). Chartered Accountant. Company consultant in the financial, fiscal and management control areas.

Graduate (1992) and Ph.D. (2006) in Chemical Engineering, both from the University of Porto - Faculty of Engineering and MBA (2007) from the School of Management, University of Porto (EGP, currently PBS. Enrolled in teaching activities in various institutions of higher education, particularly as teaching assistant in the Escola Superior de Tecnologia e Gestão do Instituto Politécnico de Bragança (1997/1998), as a lecturer in the School of Biotechnology at the Portuguese Catholic University - Porto ( 1998 - 2005), collaborated as lecturer in MSc of courses in Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology in FEUP (2008 - 2010 ), was an invited auxiliary professor at FEUP UP in the MIT Portugal Doctoral course in Sustainable Energy Systems(2010 - 2011). He is currently Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Natural Sciences, Engineering and Technology Lusophone University of Porto, responsible for the disciplines of "Green Products and Markets," "Environmental Impact Assessment", and "Introduction` Waste Management "of the first cycle of degree in Environmental Engineering. Also worked as a teacher in vocational courses or technological specialization organized by companies and / or technological centers (eg. CITEVE), where he taught subjects such as safety and health, mathematics, chemistry, physics, among others. He has participated in various initiatives for promoting science and technology among the scientific community, particularly in international networks such as the NATO / SPS Pilot Study on Clean Products and Processes (2004-2008) and collaborated in organizing and participating in various scientific conferences. It also has several publications in international journals with peer review and proceedings of international conferences, in addition to having been active transfer of knowledge and appreciation, such as a co-inventor of the patent for a new static mixer, NetMixTM, technology currently marketed by the company "Fluidinova" (http://www.fluidinova.com/) and used in the production of various products with pharmaceutical applications. He also collaborated in the writing of business plans of two technology-based companies, the Ideia.m (www.ideiam.com) and Proimuno. Some of his research interests and expertise include: description and modeling of transport phenomena in porous media and chemical reactors; Sustainability assessment of chemical processes and / or industrial; Process Control, Simulation of thermal systems for industrial application or environment built; Innovation and entrepreneurship with a focus on developing business ideas technology-based development and sustainability assessment of new processes for the production of biofuels with a focus on second-generation eg microalgae, among others.

Degree (1981) and Masters (1985) in Engineering from the Faculty of Engineering of University of Porto(FEUP). PhD in simulation from the School of Management of Cranfield University, England (1992). He is currently an Auxiliary Professor at FEUP responsible for the subjects of the Computing Applications Seminar, Programming I and II of the degree in Industrial Engineering and Management. He is a guest lecturer at EGP. Responsible for various research and consultancy projects in the areas of Interactive Visual Simulation, Information Systems and Internet.

Antonio went to school in London, Porto and Madrid. And he also lived in Germany, after graduating in Business Management. He was International Market Manager during 19 years, and did business in 40 countries, across 4 continents. Nowadays, he works as consultant, conference speaker and executive trainer on luxury marketing, innovation and international business. Executive Marketing MBA by the Porto Business School in Porto, Portugal. Master programme in Luxury Strategic Management by the IE Business School in Madrid, Spain. Diploma in International Trade and Distribution by the London School of Foreign Trade, in London, UK. Business Model Innovation by Strategos Iberia, in Lisbon, Portugal. Antonio collaborated with the World Marketing and Sales Forum and contributes to the Marketeer magazine, writing articles on Luxury Marketing. He has lectured International Marketing, speaks 5 languages and is an innovation enthusiast. Holds more than 25 years of sensibleness and experience in dealing with clients. Antonio has true passion in servicing and delighting customers. On stage, he is an enthusiastic speaker, and has spoken at conferences for Giorgio Armani, Loewe, L’Oréal, Deloitte, Carnival of Luxury and in Singapore, for Procter & Gamble Asia. Relationship Builder and non-mainstream thinker, yet with plenty of common sense Detail-oriented and passionate about the world’s cultural diversity.

Degree in Sociology from the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences from Universidade Nova de Lisboa. After starting his professional career at Euroexpansão, he subsequently founded Metris, Lda where he was the National Project Manager - Market Surveys – with market research projects carried out in various fields of marketing and consumer behaviour. Lecturer for 6 years at the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences (Sampling and Market Surveys and Studies). Occasional collaboration with the Lusíada University, IPAM, the Faculty of Medicine of Lisbon and ISLA. In his spare time he devotes himself to his family and fishing. Lots of fishing!

Vice President of Board of Instituto de Gestão de Fundos, IP Segurança Social.

Guest Auxiliary professor at the Faculty of Economics of University of Porto

Quality and Occupational Safety Manager at MCA Vias, S.A. Business Partner of Knoway,Lda. Partner of Factor-Segurança,Lda. Risk Management and Integrated Management Systems Manager in CSM,S.A. Quality Manager of AMMesquita Group. Business Consultant. Master Degree in Occupational Safety and Hygiene - FEUP. Graduation in Mining Engineering - FEUP. Executive MBA from the School of Business Management.

Head of Midlandcom - Communication Consultants. communication consultant, organizational psychologist and masters degree in Communication, Culture and Information Technologies (ISCTE).

Director of ETP - Consultancy and Planning in Tourism, partner of Quaternaire Portugal, trainer and responsible for numerous projects in the tourist sector.

Degree in Anthropology from the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences at Universidade Nova de Lisboa. Post-graduation in Criminology from the Lusíada University, Lisbon. Masters in Sociology from the Further Institute of Social and Political Sciences (ISCSP). Inspector of the Polícia Judiciária (Criminal Police) since 1990, having discharged duties until 2005 involving the conducting and implementation of investigations into crimes of corruption. Since 2005 and to date he discharges lecturing duties at the Further Criminal Police and Criminal Sciences Institute, having responsibility in the planning and implementation of all training related with corruption crime investigation strategies and techniques as well as other associated economic crimes associated therewith (e.g. – Public Corruption, Economic Participation in Business, Fraudulent Conversion of Public Moneys etc.). Trainer responsible for all training in “Police Interview and Interrogation Techniques”, also working, in conjunction with other lecturers, on training in the field of Human Sciences, to wit Criminology and Criminal Sociology. Representative of the PJ and Portugal in various European activities related with the problems of Crime and the Police Forces.

Degree in Law and Masters in Legal and Economic Sciences from Coimbra University. He was a university professor in Economic Policy, Public Finance, Fiscal Law and Administrative law and is the author of various publications in these areas. Besides being a specialist lawyer, he is a top Manager at Sonaecom with responsibilities in the legal area, regulation, fiscal planning and communication. He is a also a member of the Board of Directors and of other governing bodies of various public and private institutions.

António Gil Machado is the CEO of Imométrica Lda. António graduated in Economics at the University of Porto and completed a post-graduate in Marketing at the Universidade Católica Portuguesa. Currently António Gil Machado is director of a major Portuguese professional real estate magazine “Vida Imobiliáiria” and Deputy Chair of the ULI (Urban Land Institute) in Portugal. António Gil Machado is also an invited teacher at the University of Porto.

Graduate in Geography and Masters Degree in Transportation through IST. Has conducted a Post-graduation in Logistics between 1995 and 2000 at the Instituto Superior de Transportes and from 2001 to 2004 at Instituto Superior de Gestão. Currently responsible for the Inverse Logistic subject in the Distribution and Logistic Management Degree, lectured at Instituto Politécnico de Setúbal.

Auxiliar Professor of the Faculty of Economics of the University of Porto.

Degree in Systems Engineering from Minho University, MBA from the ISEE (University of Porto), AMP from INSEAD. From 1991 to 1997 he discharged duties as the Information Systems Manager of Sonae Distribuição. He was a founder (1988) of Enabler, a company integrating information systems focusing on retail, now VP Retail Services of Wipro - the company which acquired Enabler. He is also a founding partner of various other companies connected with the Area of Information Technology Solutions - Mobicomp, IT Peers, Profimetrics, DHome. He has carried out lecturing activity at universities for 7 years on various Engineering courses of Minho University at the Faculty of Economics of University of Porto and on a post-graduation course at the IST. He also works with Cotec, mainly in the context of the Excellence Centre for the dematerialisation of transactions.

Degree in Microbiology from UCP and an MSc in Logistics and Supply Chain Management from Cranfield University (UK). Lecturer in Logistics and Supply Chain at EGP-UPBS since 2000. Has been involved in a number of consulting projects for Portuguese, British and multinational companies.

Degree in Economics from Coimbra University and holds a DEA diploma from Poitiers University and a Masters from Coimbra University. He has a PhD from Barcelona University and is a professor at the Faculty of Economics of Coimbra University and a programme coordinator of MBAs and PhDs in Management from this Faculty. He is a regular Collaborator with the Ceará State University in Fortaleza. He usually works as a free-lance consultant and Trainer in the fields of Corporate Marketing, strategy and Organisation.

Dr. Arno Knobbe is a senior researcher in the Data Mining Group at the LIACS (the Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science). Additionally, he is the owner of a Dutch Data Mining consulting company called Kiminkii. His research is focused on projects that revolve around large collections of data. In these projects, novel and scalable Data Mining techniques are employed to effectively unearth the useful knowledge in these rich sources of data. His activities include the development of new techniques for uncovering hidden knowledge from this data, and the development of new ways to apply existing techniques to Big Data. Arno Knobbe heads a number of projects where the analysis of data plays a large role. These range from theoretical (the development of new DM techniques) to fairly practical, for example in application areas such as biology and medicine, historical documents, fraude detection and civil engineering. Such applications typically provide many challenges for analysis, such as the heterogeneous, spatial and temporal nature of the data, not to mention the considerable size. Rather than being obstacles for existing methods, these challenges can also provide inspiration for new knowledge discovery techniques. Arno Knobbe is specifically interested in the modeling of complex physical systems through large scale monitoring of such systems using sensor networks. By tracking the potentially complex response of different components to changes in the systems environment, a thorough understanding of the actual and current behaviour of the system can be produced. An important goal of this modeling effort is to understand potential weaknesses in the studied system, and to track possible changes in the health of the system, be it gradual or acute. A good example of such a system is the Hollandse Brug, a major Dutch highway bridge between Amsterdam and Almere, that is fitted with a substantial sensor network for monitoring the state of the bridge and its response to changes in weather and traffic.

Degree in Pysychology from Lisbon University (1991), in 2002 he completed his professional certification in the USA in the field of human performance improvement (Certified Performance Technologist) from the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI). he is currently a Managing Partner with HUMANPERSI and a consultant in the strategic management of human resources with various national and multinational organisations. Previously, he was the Consultancy Company Manager in Human Resource Management, having commenced his career at the Human Resources Department of the holding for a major economic group. He was also a university lecturer in the field of the Psychology of Organisations at the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences at Lisbon University and at the Independente University. He was also the Chairman of the ISPI Portugal Chapter and a member of the Board with ISPI Europe, an organisation which represents the International Society for Performance Improvement in Europe.

Graduated in Electronics Engineering by FEUP and MBA in Corporate Management by EGP_UPBS. His professional career started in university teaching at FEUP and has been based on a significant variety of projects and responsibilities, in top management labors at Sony Portugal, Optimus Telecommunications, Radio and Television of Portugal, Randstad, Tranquilidade Insurance Company and Cerealis. Currently he is C.O.O. at Cerealis SGPS, being responsible for the Cerealis’ Operations function.

PhD in Science and Technology Policy at Science and Technology Policy Research Unit (SPRU), University of Sussex (U.K). She is an Assistant Professor with agregation at the Economics Department of Faculdade de Economia, Universidade do Porto and Researcher at CEF.UP (Center in Economics and Finance), INESC-Porto (Institute for Systems and Computer Engineering of Porto), and OBEGEF (Observatory in Economics and Management of Fraud). She is also a Senior Scientific Researcher for UTEN Portugal (University of Texas Austin, USA). She is an elected member of the Scientific Council (Conselho Científico) and Economics Scientific Group (Agrupamento Científico de Economia) at Faculdade de Economia, Universidade do Porto. She has published several books and articles in the area of innovation, economic growth, human capital, and scientometrics, including Strong Patenting, Weak R&D? (VDM Verlag, 2010) and Multinational, Clusters and Innovation (Palgrave Macmillan, 2006). Her articles are published in international journals such as Research Policy, Industrial and Corporate Change, Regional Studies, Journal of Evolutionary Economics, Structural Change and Economic Dynamics, European Planning Studies; Portuguese Economic Journal, Social Indicators Research, Scientometrics, Higher Education, Ecological Economics, European Journal of Scientific Research, Acta Oeconomica, Evolutionary and Institutional Economics Review, Journal of Academic Ethics, Industry and Higher Education, Research in Comparative and International Education, Organisational Transformation and Social Change, Portuguese Journal of Social Science, Estudos Econômicos, Notas Económicas and Brazilian Innovation Review. Her academic track record includes over 200 papers in International Conferences and Scientific Journals with refereeing, chapters of books as well as the supervision of seven Ph.D. and 50 M. Sc. Theses. She was granted two Scholarships (Sabbatical and PhD) by the Portuguese Science and Technology Ministry, FCT, Portugal, the first Prize Foreign Direct Investment – API/Universidade de Coimbra, with the study ‘Foreign Direct Investment, Human Capital and Technology: an Application to the Portuguese Case’, and the Prize from the Conselho Económico e Social (Lisboa) for the research ‘Capital Humano e Capacidade de Inovação. Contributos para o estudo do crescimento Económico Português, 1960-1991’. URL: http://www.fep.up.pt/Lecturers/ateixeira/index.html

Hotel Manager, degree in Hotel Management and Tourism, with a Post-graduation in "Hotel Management" by the Glion International Centre (Switzerland).

PhD in Economics from LSE - London School of Economics and Political Science (United Kingdom). degree and Masters in Economics from FEP. Associate Professor of FEP. President of the Administração Regional de Saúde do Norte. He was formerly a Consultant to the Ministry of Health; President of the Healthcare Regulating Entity; director of companies from the financial, education and new technologies sectors; economist at the International Monetary Fund; and researcher in the Financial Markets Group of the LSE.

Academic Qualifications: Degree in Civil Engineering from Porto University and MBA from ISEE-Higher Institute of Business Studies. Current Offices Held : Executive Vice-Chairman of Sonae SGPS; Chairman of Sonaecoms Executive Committee, Board Member of Sonae Distribuição SGPS and Sonae Sierra SGPS Professional Experience: CFO of Sonae SGPS, Chairman of the Finance Committee of Sonae Group, Board Member of several Sonae Distribuição owned companies, Responsible for Television Project of Sonae Group. Other Activities: Invited Professor of Business Policy in the Business School of University of Porto. Board Member of APGEI . Portuguese Association of Management and Industrial Engineering, since 1989.