PhD in Company Management and Administration, Institute of Further Business Studies. PhD in Economic Policy, University of Navarra. Degree in Law, Barcelona University. Consultant and advisor at various companies. Chairman of the “Foro de los Tres Sectores” Foundation. Lecturer in the field of Strategic Management.

PhD in Business Sciences. Masters in Business Sciences specialising in Finance and a Degree in Management from the Faculty of Economics of Oporto. Provost of University of Porto. Auxiliary professor of the Accounting and Management Group of the Faculty of Economics of Oporto. Member of the Scientific Board of the Masters in Accounting and the Masters in Finance and Fiscality of the FEP. Economist. Consultant of various institutions and companies. She was a Manager of the training Department of Euronext Lisbon. Member of INTACCT, a European project on the application of the IAS/IFRS in Member States of the European Union. Author of miscellaneous publications in national and international magazines of a professional and academic nature and a regular speaker at conferences on the theme of the adoption of the IAS/IFRS. Is, from Jan. 2010, Coordinator of the Executive MBA from EGP-UPBS.

Paul Hazell MEd MCIPD ACIB, Director, PITHON Limited Paul has worked as a consultant for more than 20 years, specialising in the human aspects of change and the training and coaching needs that enable people to improve their performance. He has taught on management development and HRM programmes and has wide training experience – particularly in the fields of trainer training, negotiation skills, sales skills, coaching and management. Passionate about performance improvement, Paul is an energetic trainer who understands that learning must be active and participative to be effective. Recognising the need to apply learning in the workplace, he also works with clients to help them improve and evaluate performance; and in this respect has conducted evaluations of change projects and training. He has built a reputation as a practical executive coach who challenges coachees in a positive way to enable them to reach their full potential. Paul has been working independently since 1999. He is a Director of PITHON Limited, a training and consultancy organisation, that he co-founded in 2001. Paul is also on the Faculty of prominent business schools in Europe and the Middle East. Amongst the many clients for whom Paul has worked are Amadeus, Barclays, British Airways, CAE, Deloitte’s, Epson, Ernst & Young, Finnair, First Choice, Glaxo SmithKline, HSBC, KPMG, Leica, Norwich Union, Nokia, PricewaterhouseCoopers, SCA, Shell, Smit, Superdrug, TNT, Tui Travel, Unilever and Vinci. His clients span industries including consultancy, construction, telecoms, pharmaceuticals, banking, retailing, travel, insurance, manufacturing, professional services, maritime services, insurance, energy and transportation. Having previously worked in international banking for more than 20 years, Paul has business experience in the fields of International Trade, Foreign Exchange and Corporate Lending. He began his consultancy career working as an internal consultant with a large, global organisation, then developed the role to encompass external consultancy. Paul holds a Masters degree with distinction in Training and Development and is a fully qualified member of both the Chartered Institute of Bankers and the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. He has experience in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Far East, Australia and the USA. He has lived in the UK and Australia and today resides in the UK. Paul is a native English speaker. (Updated March 2015)

Degree in Psychology from Lisbon University, she is currently a Managing Partner of WeChange, acting in the field of Strategic Consultancy of Human Resources. In the last 15 years she has taken on a management post in the Consultancy sector, leading the areas of Training and Recruitment. She has vast experience in the design and implementation of Consultancy solutions applied in the context of Selection and Assessment with various Organisations and activity sectors.

Masters Degree in Marketing from the Faculty of Economics of University of Porto.

PhD in Marketing by the Portucalense University. Electronic trade, webmarketing, quantitative techniques and artificial intelligence applied to Marketing.

Masters Degree and PhD student in Sciences by FEP-UP. Post-graduate in Auditing and Management Control by the UCP. Graduated in Economics by Minho University. Sonae Group collaborator since 2002, where he once was Internal Auditor, Operations Manager, Store Director, Controller at the Planning and Management Control Board and Regional Operations Director at Canaries’ Worten. Nowadays he is Regional Operations Director of Worten Superstore [central region of Portugal].

Auxiliary Professor of the FEUP. Specialist in Planning and Urban Environment.

Degree in System and Computing Engineering from Minho University (1988) and an MBA from the EGP-UP (1991). Further professional development included the AMP (Advanced Management Programme) at Insead (2002), the Leadership Alliance at LBS, Universidade Nova and PBS (2004), and the Entrepreneurship Programme at MIT (2007). He has worked with BPI (in the fields of Information Systems, Mergers & Acquisitions and Equity Research). He joined the Sonae Group in 1996 as the manager of Information Systems of Sonae Distribuição, was a co-founder of Enabler - a systems integrator for retail, member of the Board of Directors responsible for Information Systems, Business Development and Innovation, President of FINCO - Sonae Consulting Group for IT and Communications, and founder and CEO of Tlantic - a Portuguese-Brasilian software company. In addition to the PBS, he carried out activity as a Lecturer at Minho University and Porto University, at Faculdade de Economia.

Paulo Morgado is Chief Executive Officer at Capgemini Portugal, company he joined in 2001. Previously, he developed leadership and management positions at Roland Berger Portugal, Banco Finantia and Vidago, Melgaço and Salted Stone, where he assumed the CEO position at 32 years of age. Academically, Paulo Morgado holds two degrees, in Business Management and Law, and two masters degrees, in Finance and Philosophy. He is also a researcher at CEFi. He is the author of several books. Paulo Morgado integrates the management and advisory board of several associations, namely the Portuguese Industrial Association, the Forum of Company Directors, the Portuguese Institute of Corporate Governance and the Economists Board.

Academic degrees: Licenciateship Electrical Engineering, FEUP 1979 PhD in Informatics, University of Minho 1994 Professional situations: Programming and systems engineer, Datamatic Lda, Braga 1980-1982 Researcher and teacher, University of Minho 1982- Associate Professor, 1998- Teaching: Systems theory and automatic control Current research projects: Modelling and simulation of processes and organisations Collective intelligence

•BACHELOR’S DEGREE IN ECONOMICS – School of Economics, Porto University (Portugal), 1986; Final Grade: A. •MASTER’S DEGREE IN MATHEMATICAL METHODS FOR ECONOMICS AND BUSINESS – School of Business and Economics, Lisbon Technical University (Portugal), 1990; Final Grade: Very Good. Dissertation: “Modeling Multivariate Time Series”. •PH.D. IN STATISTICS – Temple University, Philadelphia, PA, E.U.A., 1999. Dissertation: “The Effects of Temporal Aggregation on Time Series Tests”. •FIRST CERTIFICATE IN ENGLISH - Cambridge School of English, 1982; Final Grade: A. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE •PORTO UNIVERSITY – Teaching Assistant since 1988 and Assistant Professor since 1999, teaching several Statistics courses in the Economics and in the Business programs (Bachelor’s degree), Time Series Analysis in the Applied Maths program (Bachelor’s degree), Applied Statistics in the Master on Data Analysis and Information Systems, Macroeconometrics in the Ph.D in Economics, Time Series Analysis in the Master in Economics. •NATIONAL STATISTICAL INSTITUTE – Statistician in charge of the External Trade data in the Northern Regional Office in 1989-1990; Regional Director in 2001-2004. Statistical Consultant since 2005. •ALIANÇA SEGURADORA INSURANCE COMPANY, S. A. – Consultant in 1990-1991. •BANCO PORTUGUÊS DO ATLÂNTICO – Macoreconomist in the Macroeconomics Bureau in 1991-1994. CONFERENCES •AMERICAN STATISTICAL ASSOCIATION – Joint Statistical Meetings 1997, Anaheim, CA, E.U.A., August 10-14, 1997. Presentation of the paper “The Effects of Temporal Aggregation on the Bispectral Tests of Linearity and Gaussianity” (joint work with Prof. William W.S. Wei). • NATIONAL BUREAU OF ECONOMIC RESEARCH/NATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION – Time Series Seminar, Duke University, Durham, NC, E.U.A., October 10-11, 1997. Presentation of the paper “The Effects of Temporal Aggregation on Testing for Linearity and Gaussianity in Time Series” (joint work with Prof. William W.S. Wei). •MATHSOFT – S-Plus User Conference, Seattle, WA, E.U.A., October 29-30, 1997. Presentation of the paper “An Improved Display of Time Series Graphics” (joint work with Prof. Richard Heiberger). •AMERICAN STATISTICAL ASSOCIATION – Joint Statistical Meetings 1998, Dallas, TX, USA, August 9-13, 1998. Presentation of the paper “The Effects of Temporal Aggregation on Testing for a Unit Root” (joint work with Prof. William W.S. Wei). •SEMINARS ON APPLIED STATISTICS – Portuguese Catholic University/School of Economics of the University of Porto/School of Maths of the University of Porto/Portucalense University, February 5, 1999. Presentation of the paper “Using Aggregated Time Series in Unit Root Testing”. •NATIONAL COMMITTEE FOR THE CELEBRATION OF THE PORTUGUESE DISCOVERIES – 3rd Arrábida Time Series Workshop, Arrábida, Setúbal, June 26-30, 1999. Presentation of the paper “Effects of Temporal Aggregation on Time Series Tests”. Coordinator of the 5th Arrábida Time Series Workshop, Arrábida, Setúbal, July 2-5, 2001. •INTERNATIONAL STATISTICAL INSTITUTE – 52nd Session, Helsinki, Finland, August 10-18, 1999. Presentation of the paper “The Use of Aggregate Time Series in Testing for Long Memory” (joint work with Prof. William W.S. Wei and Prof. Nuno Crato). •NATIONAL BUREAU OF ECONOMIC RESEARCH/NATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION – Time Series Seminar, Taipei, Taiwan, August 15-19, 1999. Presentation of the paper “The Use of Aggregate Time Series in Testing for Linearity, Gaussianity and Unit Roots” (joint work with Prof. William W.S. Wei). •INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE OF FORECASTERS – 20th International Symposium on Forecasting, Chair of the Local Organizing Committee, Lisbon, June 21-24, 2000; Chair of the session “Keynote speech 4 – Some Results on Forecasting with Multivariate Time Series” by Daniel Pena. •PORTUGUESE STATISTICAL SOCIETY – Organizing Committee of the 10th Annual Congress, Porto, September 25-28, 2002. 13th Annual Congress, Ericeira, September 27-30, 2005. Presentation of the paper “Modeling Interval Time Series Data” (joint work with Prof. Paula Brito). •INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR STATISTICAL COMPUTING – 3th World Conference on Computational Statistics and Data Analysis, Limassol, Cyprus, October 28-31, 2005. Presentation of the paper “Modeling Interval Time Series Data” (joint work with Prof. Paula Brito). •INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR STATISTICAL COMPUTING – 18th International Conference on Computational Statistics, Porto, Portugal, August 24-29, 2008; Local Organizing Committee. ASSOCIATION MEMBERSHIP •AMERICAN STATISTICAL ASSOCIATION •PORTUGUESE STATISTICAL SOCIETY DOCTORAL AND MASTER COMMITTEES •Ph.D. in Applied Maths to Economics and Business by Maria Cristina Oliveira, School of Business and Economics, Lisbon Technical University, June 2001. •Master in Data Analysis and Decision Systems by Jorge Filipe da Cunha Barbosa, School of Economics of Porto University, October 2005. •Master in Data Analysis and Decision Systems by Lúcia Paiva Martins de Sousa, School of Economics of Porto University, October 2006. •Ph.D. in Applied Maths to Economics and Business by Aníbal Jorge da Costa Cristóvão Caiado, School of Business and Economics, Lisbon Technical University, December 2006. •Ph.D. in Applied Maths by Argentina Maria Soeima Leite, School of Sciences of Porto University, November 2008. REFEREEING IN STATISTICAL JOURNALS •Referee of the “International Journal of Forecasting” and of “Macroeconomic Dynamics”. PUBLICATIONS •“The effects of temporal aggregation on the bispectral tests of linearity and Gaussianity”, in American Statistical Association Proceedings of the Business and Economic Statistics Section, 1997, co-author with William W. S. Wei, pp.136-141. •“The effects of temporal aggregation on testing for a unit root”, in American Statistical Association Proceedings of the Business and Economic Statistics Section, 1998, co-author with William W. S. Wei, pp. 177-182. •“The use of aggregate time series in testing for long memory”, in Bulletin of the International Statistical Institute, 52nd Session, 1999, co-author with Nuno Crato and William W. S. Wei, pp. 341-342. •“República Checa: Na linha da frente para a adesão”, Indústria do Norte, March 2, 2000, pp. 11-13. •“The effects of temporal aggregation on tests of linearity of a time series”, Computational Statistics and Data Analysis, 34, July 2000, co-author with William W. S. Wei, pp. 91-103. •“Alargamento da União Europeia à Europa Central e de Leste – Consequências para Portugal”, Associação Empresarial de Portugal, Porto, June 2001, co-author with Daniel Bessa, Ana Paula Africano, Cláudia Quinta and Paulo Vieira. •“The use of aggregate time series in testing for Gaussianity”, Journal of Time Series Analysis, 23, January 2002, co-author with William W. S. Wei, pp. 95-116. •“Displays for direct comparison of ARIMA models”, The American Statistician, 56, May 2002, co-author with Richard M. Heiberger, pp. 131-138. Correction: The American Statistician, 56, August 2002, pp. 1-3. •“Handbook on Data Validation in Eurostat”, Eurostat, Luxembourg, May 2006. •“Estatística Descritiva e Probabilidades – Problemas Resolvidos e Propostos com Aplicações em R”, Escolar Editora, Lisboa, 2007, co-author with Fernanda Figueiredo, Adelaide Figueiredo and Alexandra Ramos. •“Testing a Unit Root Based on Aggregate Time Series”, Communications in Statistics – Theory and Methods, 37, February 2008, co-author with William W. S. Wei and Erin Hodgess, pp. 565-590.

Degree in Economics (1987) and MBA (1990) from Universidade do Porto. MSc in Management of Technology from MIT, USA (2000). Managing partner of Enotum Capital since 2000. Consulted for Sonae, Portugal, on strategy, restructuring and privatization issues, for the pulp and paper business (2001/2005). Member of the Board and Acting CFO of Gescartão and subsidiaries, paper packaging industry,(2002/2005). CFO and member of the Board of Optimus Telecomunicações, Portugal, a start-up investment in a mobile phone network (1997/1999). Group Financial Coordinator of Sonae (1993/1997). Several financial management roles in Sonae Distribuição and subsidiaries (1987/1993), the last integrating a team leading the launch of a retail start-up.

Degree in Civil Engineering (1982), MSc in Hydraulics (1989), MBA (2002). Board of Directors’ Executive Member of the Iberian Energy Derivatives Exchange and of the corresponding Clearing House. Previously, Assistant Professor in the Oporto Economics Faculty and Professor in several Post Graduation Courses, Consultant, Lisbon and Oporto Exchanges’ Head of Research and Development Department, Head of Oporto Branch of American Appraisal - Consultores de Avaliação Lda., Civil Engineer at EDP and CNEC. Area of Specialization: Financial and Commodities Markets and Exchanges.

Paulo Simoes is a Partner of Egon Zehnder International, a member of its Technology & Communications Practice Group in Lisbon, Portugal, and a core member of the Leadership Strategy Services Practice. He has been serving local and multinational clients in Portugal on a variety of assignments, in the sectors of technology, telecoms, media, consulting, tourism, financial services, consumer, utilities and industry. Additionally, he has conducted pan-European searches and participated extensively on management appraisals around the world. In terms of previous experience, after a brief involvement in politics at both national and European level, Paulo Simoes started his career as a Business Analyst at McKinsey & Co. in Lisbon, serving clients in the financial sector. On completion of his MBA he joined the (then recent) office of A.T. Kearney in Lisbon as an Associate, later promoted to Manager, leading a variety of management consulting projects during the liberalization of the telecommunications market in Portugal and Spain. He was then invited to set up Cofina.com, becoming an Executive Board member of this sub-holding, which invested in 18 Internet and high tech ventures. Paulo Simoes has a Degree and a Master in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from IST – Technical University of Lisbon, and an MBA from the Australian Graduate School of Management, Sydney.

He has a Degree in Food Engineering from the Catholic University and an MBA from INSEAD. After starting his professional career in Lisbon with Mercer Management Consulting, he was with Compal where he was Head of Division of New Projects and subsequently the Manager of Compal España in Madrid. He was also the Marketing Manager at the pharmaceutical division of the L’ Óreal Group in Madrid, assuming 6 years ago responsibility for the Beer Marketing Management of Unicer in Oporto. In his spare time, he is a big fan of activities related with travel-nature-adventure, particularly hang-gliding and mountain adventures(Kilimanjaro, Elbruz, Pyrenees) and jungles (Amazonia and Borneo).

. Master in Business Administration with a specialization in Marketing . Post-graduate degree in European Studies . Degree in International Business . Managing Partner at Market Access (www.marketaccess.pt), a consulting firm with activity on over 20 markets . Worked for the Portuguese Trade Commission (Icep Portugal), both in PORTUGAL and in JAPAN-TOKYO; . Has accompanied and supported the development of international business strategies for several companies in different countries around the world; . Was a consultant in innovation, having participated in projects with the European Commission and International Development Agencies . Former responsible for the international section of a business newspaper and editor of a magazine on international relations, economics and politics . Teaches Cross-Cultural Management issues at Universidade do Minho and other higher education institutions.

IPAI and ISACA Chapter Lisbon Vice President. Risk Management Director at SONAE Group. Degree in Systems Engineering from the University of Minho. Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA), Certified Information Security Manager (CISM), Certified Risk Information Systems Control (CRISC), Certified Institute of Risk Management (CIRM), Certified Risk Management Assurance (CRMA) and Lead Auditor (ISO 27001 and BS 25999 - Business Continuity Management).

Associated professor with tenure at Fernando Pessoa University. Invited professor at FEP and PBS. Graduated in Psychology and Sociology, Master degree in Clinical and Health Psychology. Phd in Psychology and Postdoctoral degree in Conflict and Negotiation Psychology from Santiago de Compostela University. Specialist in conflict management, negotiation and human resources management.

PhD in Business Science from University of Porto. Auxiliary Professor at the Faculty of Economics of Oporto. Methodolgist at the National Institute of Statistics. Coordinator of the Post-Graduate Course in Information Management and Marketing Intelligence at EGP-UPBS. Deputy Director of the International Statistical Literacy Project (ISI/IASE).

Degree In Corporate Management and Administration from the Portuguese Catholic University and MBA by Insead. In 12 years of career, 10 were spent in the marketing role, always with American multinationals - Procter & Gamble, Pepsico and Tricon. He carried out brand management for the HairCare sector of Procter & Gamble (Category Management) and for Pizza Hut (marketing management for 15 Latin-American nations). He has carried out traditional duties of strategic and financial Planning, brand communication, product development, research and implementation of pricing. In 2000 he took on the General Management of Clix. In 2004 he was responsible for the total redesigning of the Clix brand and company strategy. In 2005 the took on the chairmanship of McCann Worldgroup Portugal, a US holding which administrates the agencies of McCannErickson and Universal McCann which he currently accumulates with the post of the Iberian Deputy Chairman of McCannErickson.

Masters in Management from the ISEG (Lisbon Technical University) and a partner of Deloitte. Specialist in e-business and strategy, having already worked in Corporate banking, retail banking and marketing.

Degree in Chemical Engineering from Coimbra University with a PhD from the MIT (EUA) in the field of Quality; Associate Professor with Aggregation in the Chemical Engineering Department of Coimbra University; Vice-Dean of Coimbra University (2007-); Provost of Coimbra University (2005-2007); Consultant of the Presidency of the Republic for Further Education (2006-); Member of the Board of Directors of BIOCANT (2005-); he was the Chairman of the Chairman of the Regional Development and Coordination Committee of the Centre (2004-2005) and Provost of Coimbra University (2003-2004); Awarded the Feigenbaum Prize (relating to 1998) awarded by the ASQ (American Society for Quality) in recognition of the person under 35 who worldwide has stood out most for his contribution to the progress in Quality; Founder and Partner of QUAL – Formação e Serviços em Gestão da Qualidade, Lda. (1993-); Advisor of the Portuguese Innovation Society -SPI (2006-); Founder of the National Observatory of Human Resources (2002-); Vast experience in education, research, raising awareness to Quality and his application in numerous types of organisations; author of miscellaneous works (books, CD-ROM, articles, communications, etc.) in this regard including the books “Quality Testimonials in Portugal” and “Innovation and Quality”; He has coordinated various strategic Planning projects and coordination between Quality and Strategy (including monitoring of TNT Portugal, the company which won the Silver-2003 and Gold-2004 trophies of the Prize of Excellence of the Portuguese Quality System, PEX-SPQ, as well as supporting the Regional Government of Madeira (2002-) and the Azores (2006-) in the definition and implementation of a regional development strategy for quality); He currently takes part in the project to define and implement a Regional Quality Barometer in the Autonomous Region of Madeira (2006-); he has discharged duties as a member of the Advisory Board and of the auditor assessment jury of APCER as well as an Advisor of the model of excellence of EFQM and Coordinator of international assessment teams of companies applying to be winners of the Iberoamerican Quality Prize.

Pedro has trained/motivated/inspired collaborators from some of the biggest Portuguese organizations such as Sonae, ERA, Bosch, Salsa, EDIGMA, Newway, Amway, Vila Galé Hotels, IKEA, Mercedes, Audi, among many others. He has given courses/seminars at Porto’s Management School (EGP-UPBS), Porto’s Economics Faculty, IPAM, IPL, among other academic institutions.

Operations and Strategy Consultation Senior Manager at Deloitte, with experience in consumer products companies, retail and transport. Graduated in Management and Industrial Engineering by FEUP and MBA in Marketing by Lisbon MBA.

Born in Porto, age 38. Graduated in Industrial Engineering (Universidade do Minho). Pos Graduations in Innovation (UM), Shopping Centre Management (UCP), Neuroscience (MIT OCW), MBA (EGP-UPBS). Professional Experience at Sonae Indústria, Sonae Sierra and BNP Paribas Group. Presently working at El Corte Inglés (Retail), IPAM and EGP-UPBS (Universities). Permanent Columnist at Vida Económica, Metro and Jornal de Negócios. Author of "Speculations and Trends" book (2009).

Pedro Pereira Rodrigues is currently an invited assistant professor at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Porto, and researcher at the CINTESIS - Center for Research on Health Technologies and Services and at the LIAAD - Artificial Intelligence and Decision Support Laboratory, at the same university. He got his MSc (2005) and PhD (2010) degrees in computer science from the Faculty of Sciences of the same university, working mainly on machine learning methods for data produced in streaming settings (including sensor networks), with both theses being internationally awarded. Current research is devoted to Bayesian networks applications to clinical research and decision support, log-liner analysis of big data, and clustering from ubiquitous data streams. Concerning academic activities, over more than 10 years of teaching experience, he has created or renovated more than 20 courses devoted to machine learning, research methodology and health informatics, and is the coordinator of a post-graduate course on health informatics. Concerning research production, he has edited 4 conference proceedings, and published 16 articles in indexed peer-reviewed journals, 11 book chapters, and 36 papers in indexed conference proceedings. He has given several invited talks and tutorials, internationally, and he has also been actively involved in the organization of several scientific events, as general chair and as program chair. Moreover, he is a member of the steering committee of CBMS, and was a member of the program committee for more than 20 editions of international conferences and 40 workshops and special sessions. Furthermore, he has acted as reviewer for more than 50 articles in peer-reviewed journals.

Graduated in Management at the FEP.UP (1994), including one year spent at the University of Wales, Swansea (1993) with a scholarship from the Erasmus Program, and completed, with distinction, a Master’s Degree (MSc) in Finance at London Business School (1998). He is CEO of Change Partners and sits on the board of several of its portfolio companies, namely Cell2B, Stopline, Streambolico, EIDT and 5ensesinfood. Pedro joined Change Partners in 2001 from Banco Português de Investimento where he was Associate Director for Private Equity. Prior to that he worked in several positions within BPI Group as an analyst and manager for Corporate Banking accounts. He has had brief stints as an entrepreneur having cofounded a few companies in the retail sector. His academic career included lecturing in accounting theory at FEP.UP and international finance at UCP Porto. His academic interests are: family business, family offices, alternative assets and capital markets.

Auxiliary Professor of the Faculty of Economics of Oporto - Ph.D. in Consumer Psychology (UMIST - United Kingdom), Masters in Economics (FEP-UP) and a Degree in Agronomic Engineering (ISA-UTL). Tutor of the subjects of Marketing (degree in Economics), Commercial Management (Management Degree), Commercial Management I and II (Masters in Commercial Management) and Consumer Psychology (Masters in Marketing). Manager of the Masters in Commercial Management, Coordinator of Post-Graduations at Porto Business School: - Management and Economics of Tourism and Hostelry – Knowledge Management and Marketing Intelligence

Events Coordinator of Desafio Global Ativism. Lecturer of the Further School of Hotellery and Tourism of Estoril.

Managing Partner of Desafio Global, Eventos e Motivação Lda and the General Manager of the Challengers Trophy.