With 10+ years’ experience in business analytics practice in diverse industries including Financial Services, Public Sector, Utilities, Automotive, Media, Retail, and Telco. Advise businesses how data impacts their value chain and can be a source of competitive advantage. Expertise in management of data analytics projects, dealing with the scope uncertainty and keeping the quality, budget and schedule under control. Created sustained teams of analytical experts nurturing trust, challenge and accountability as the tenets of their success.

Degree in Economics from the Faculty of Economics of Oporto (FEP, 1999). PhD Student in Management Sciences (since 2009). Master in Business Management from the EGP (2005). MBA in Business Management from the Oporto Management School (EGP, 2003). Lecturer with the FEP in the areas of Cost Accounting and Financial Accounting. Lecturer with the EGP since 2004 in the areas of Financial Accounting and Management Control and Planning. Senior consultant in the field of management and strategy at EGP with participation in several reorganisation projects of financial and administrative areas, management control and strategic Planning. Past experience in auditing and Consultancy with Deloitte & Touche.

Associate Partner with the Travel Tourism&Leisure Division of Deloitte. Economist. Post-Graduation in Financial Analysis and a Masters Board Member at Hoti Hoteis Group

PhD in media studies from the University of Sussex, UK. Associate Professor at the University Fernando Pessoa. Assistant director for AgĂŞncia Lusa; Scholiast on national policy at RTP.

Ricardo Morla is an Assistant Professor with the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, and a principal investigator with INESC Porto, at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto. His research interests are in the field of modeling and managing IT systems with an emphasis on probabilistic and machine learning approaches applied to networks and ambient intelligence. Ricardo graduated from U.Porto in Electrical and Computer Engineering and holds a PhD in Computing from Lancaster University. He was a lecturer and post-doc at UC Irvine in 2007, and a visiting faculty at Carnegie Mellon University in 2010 under the CMU-Portugal program.

Invited assistant for the University of Porto Economics Faculty. Masters degree in Corporate Management, specialized in Finances, by the Portuguese Catholic University.

Richard is a professionally qualified and vastly experienced international learning and development specialist, who has proven ability in the design and delivery of negotiation learning solutions in response to clients’ need for innovation and Return on Investment. Richard has designed and delivered negotiating skills training for many years in the banking, engineering, pharmaceutical, transport and aviation sectors to name a few. Richards negotiation skills training is tailored to the specific requirements of the target audience and the department or function they represent. These have spanned sales, procurement, legal, compliance or senior leadership, across a comprehensive range of clients and industries. Richard uses blended learning tools wherever possible to achieve maximum effectiveness and cost efficiencies and practical negotiation role plays are an integral part of the negotiation courses he delivers. Drawing on his successful previous career in corporate finance sales, corporate credit risk and corporate learning, Richard’s development and delivery of negotiation training solutions for international clients have resulted in positive behavioural change by participants leading to enhanced business performance. In his roles as Regional Training Director and then Head of International Training for a major multinational company, Richard worked with fellow directors and other senior stakeholders to develop and deliver training programes that successfully met the long-term strategic objectives of the company. Richard holds a number of diplomas from the Training Foundation, including Blended Learning and Training Design and Development and is an Associate of the Institute of Financial Services. Richard is a dynamic trainer and excellent communicator, with a flexible style that achieves goals through close attention to client needs, thoughtful analysis and inspirational leadership. Colleagues and clients regularly comment on how engaged they felt by Richards delivery style

Rocio Bonet’s interests lie at the intersection of labor economics and human resource management. Her research empirically explores how recent changes in the labor market are affecting employment outcomes. One stream of her research focuses on investigating the determinants of career advancement. She has explored how innovative work organizational practices that empower employees have affected promotions within organizations. She has also investigated the effects of the institutional environment, in particular labor law regulation, on the careers of working mothers. Her ongoing research in the area of careers explores how educational credentials and prestigious affiliations are valued in the context of growing inter-organizational mobility. Another stream of her research looks at the effects of new management practices on firm level outcomes, such as the effects of performance-based reward practices on firm performance and the effects of geographically distributed teams on labor productivity. Rocio Bonet received a PhD in Management from the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania and a Master in Science in Economics, Management, and Finance from the Universitat Pompeu Fabra. She has been awarded with several grants, including a Marie Curie grant from the European Commission and a GMAC fellowship. Research Interests: careers, high involvement work practices, performance-reward systems, educational credentials, geographically distributed teams.

Professor at Faculdade de Economia of Universidade do Porto. Ph.D. in Business Administration (1988) and Master of Science in Operations Research (1986) from the University of Rochester / William E. Simon Graduate School of Business Administration (U.S.A.). Degree in Economics from the Faculty of Economics of University of Porto (1974). He has research interests in the evaluation of performance of production systems and in the sequencing of tasks in a deterministic environment.

Degree in Management (1995) from the Faculty of Economics of Oporto (FEP). Masters in Business Sciences, majoring in Finance (2003) from the FEP. Between 1995 and 1997 he discharged duties as an Advisor for the financial area of a group of companies connected with the sector of Public Works and Construction. Lecturer of further education since 1998, currently the guest Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Engineering of Oporto and also works with the FEP and EGP. Trainer and Consultant with projects developed in the areas of financial management, company evaluation and Management Control (Balanced Scorecard and Strategic Operationalisation).

Rui Calejo has a degree in Civil Engineering (1983), a Masters Degree in Building Construction (1989) and a PhD in Civil Engineering (2003) from the University of Porto Engineering Faculty. Research Scholarship in the project “Building Maintenance Management”, New West University – nowadays UWE – 1989-1994. Assistant teacher at FEUP, where he is regent for the Maintenance and Development in Acoustic Engineer subject. He is also a SOPSEC, S.A. Administrator.

Rui Henrique Alves is currently at the Permanent Representation of Portugal to the European Union, being Financial Counsellor and Coordinator of the Economics and Finance Unit (“Núcleo de Economia e Finanças”). He is Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Economics – University of Porto (FEP). He holds a PhD in Economics from FEP, in the area of European Economics. He is the author of two books and several articles in the fields of European Economics and Macroeconomics ( in particular , Economic Policy and Public Finance), which, together with Financial Markets, constitute his core research interests. He is Investigator at CEF.UP (Center for Economics and Finance, University of Porto ) and Founding Member of NIFIP (Center for Research in Public Finance and Monetary Policy - FEP) and OBEGEF (Observatory of Fraud Economics and Management). He has been Member of the Executive Council of the FEP between 2010 and 2013 and of the Regional Tourism Authority of Porto and North of Portugal in 2012. He has been Advisor to the Portuguese Stock Exchange for some years and has taught at other higher education schools.

PhD in Business Sciences (2006), Masters in Business Sciences – specialisation in Finance (1999) and a Degree in Management from the Faculty of Economics of Oporto (1994). Auxiliary Professor of the FEP. Manager of the Masters in Accounting of the FEP. Economist. Corporate Consultant, expert and technical Advisor of various courts. He is a member of the INTACCT, a European project on the application of the IAS/IFRS in the EU States. Author of articles published in international magazines. He has discharged duties as staff assistant and semi-senior at Coopers & Lybrand, as a credit risk analyst at Cosec - Companhia de Seguros de Crédito and as a manager and official receiver.

Company Manager. Trainer in Body Language, certified by the Body Language Institute (Washington| USA). Certified Trainer of the You Can’t Lie to Me program, at the same Institute. Trainer in Micro Expressions certified by the Center for Body Language (Belgium). He attended the Emotional Skills and Competencies (Micro Expressions) program, by Paul Ekman International PLC / EIA (Manchester| UK). He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Company Management.