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Design Thinking and Innovation in Action
Coordenador:  Clark Kellog
Porto Business School
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We live in a climate of significant challenges, or what some call “wicked problems.” From managing climate change to alleviating global poverty to developing new products, services or operational efficiencies in your company, these problems – volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous – defy simple explanation and resolution.
Dealing with them requires innovative leadership and new ways of understanding both problems, solutions and context.

The focus of this programme is to provide you with a set of skills that will allow you to lead innovation in your companies and in society. This 2-day programme focuses on delivering to you essential skills and practices – ways of thinking – drawn from the fields of critical thinking, design thinking and systems thinking.
Along the way, we have some serious fun. You are, most likely, already an experienced problem solver. However, it is perhaps even more critical to become an experienced problem finder – solving the wrong problem may be worse than not solving a problem at all. What does this programme have to offer you? Perhaps you will find value in learning a different approach to seeing, understanding, collaborating, reframing and building multiple non-linear solutions.

We use tools from the discipline of design – i.e. design thinking – to understand problems and craft solutions. It is a set of skills, tools, and mental models that will allow you to lead innovation. You will learn language, skills and processes that you can use in your work and life.


Design Thinking and Innovation-in-Action is for people in business who are curious learners and want to find new ways of understanding problems and finding better solutions, peoples who want to innovate.
People coming to the programme often want to understand more about how they can lead positive change efforts in their organisations and teams. Senior executives attend to broaden their vision about how innovation can create sustainable competitive advantage.

Managers attend to learn how to activate their teams around better performance and better ideas. Employees attend to increase their strategic effectiveness and become valuable problem solvers in their daily work.


Porto Business School 
2 days
Total hours: 16
29 and 30 of March
Early Bird Fee until 28 February
Application Open
1500 euros
[Lunches, coffee breaks, documentation and parking included.] Cancelling, payment, reservations and discount policies at
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Porto Business School
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