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Pricing for Improved Profits: Strategies&Tactics
Coordenador:  Gavin Eccles
Porto Business School


Pricing is a key business tool that is often set aside from strategy and performance management. Adding just 1% to top-line revenue can contribute 7-10% to operating profits.

This programme will provide a strong basis for improving the way your organisation thinks about pricing in its approach to marketing, sales and innovation ā€“ working together to achieve enhanced performance.
You will be given practical tools and frameworks for setting the right competitive price for products and services to optimise profits; reinforced through case studies whereby participants solve numerical pricing challenges.
You will learn to recognise pricing issues and develop successful pricing strategies for existing markets; working through practical examples in a wide range of industries on how pricing is integral to the performance and behaviours of the wider organisation.


This programme is intended for personnel from marketing, finance, sales, or executives of smaller companies. It is beneficial to those individuals who are involved in product development, at the forefront of price competition, or being attacked by low-cost operators.


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3 dias
Carga horƔria total: 24 horas
27, 28 e 29 de setembro
Early bird fee atƩ 27 de agosto
Candidaturas abertas
1500 euros
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