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Search for Talent

Finding talent is a challenge! Porto Business School acknowledges that challenge and offers you a flexible and personalised service which will allow you to establish a privileged and directed contact with our students and, so, enables you to identify the professionals who better adapt to the requirements of the projects you intend to develop.

Selected according to high standard of demands, the graduates from Porto Business School took part in programs which granted them a wide range of knowledge and skills in order to answer the most varied needs in the area of management. So being, we want to be at your side as recruiting partners and help you find, among the graduates from Porto Business School, professionals who, given their high potential, experience and training acquired, will become an asset for your company.


How to recruit at Porto Business School

Our goal is to simplify the recruiting process as much as possible, adjusting your needs to the profile and motivation of our students. For that purpose we render available and offer different possibilities:

Consulting the Students’ Presentation Books

These publications present the participants of the MBA programs at Porto Business School on a certain academic year. In those books you will only find those participants who clearly made the choice to cease their passage by the Porto Business School as an opportunity to potentiate a progressive change in their careers; all students who attend courses at Porto Business School supported by their employers are therefore excluded.
The Presentation Books are a useful recruiting tool and allow you to research for potential candidates by different criteria, such as, academic training and professional experience. The contact with the students identified may be made directly or by means of a Career Development area.
The Presentation Books are available as of April of the respective academic year and are sent to a set of carefully selected organizations.
In order to request a copy of the Students’ Presentation Books, you must send an email message to career.services@pbs.up.pt.

Disclosure of Opportunities

We disclose your need to our students and former students and place at your disposal the Porto Business School Talent Link where you may autonomously manage the disclosure of opportunities, as well as the management of the corresponding applications. To access this service, please contact us.

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Search for Talent

Profiles Research

By means of the Talent Link platform Talent Link you may research potential candidates through different criteria.

Presentations at Porto Business School

These allow companies to convey information to the Porto Business School universe on their opportunities, business, culture, structure and career perspectives and, this way, potentiate their ability to attract talent, as well as their employer branding. Porto Business School renders all the necessary logistics available, thus assuring the corresponding disclosure.

Interviews at Porto Business School

In case of the companies are interested in establishing a first contact with the students at Porto Business School, we have rooms suitable for the performance of individual interviews. You may count on the support from the Career Services, as far as the requisition of a meeting with the students and the establishment of an interview schedule which conciliates both parties involved.


Search for Talent
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