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Porto was elected the Best European Destination 2012.


Porto won 1st place at the European Consumers Choice Awards  (Best place to travel in Europe). 20 selected towns were competing for the prestigious title of Best European Destination 2012. After a three weeks’ period of online voting Porto is elected the Best European Destination 2012 and wins the title ahead of 19 big european cities. The capital of Austria, Viena, was ranked at 2nd place and on the 3rdposition we can find Dubrovnik, Croatia.

“With the variety of resources available Porto conquers all its visitors, from those who want it for its history and authenticity, to the ones who seek to explore a new, more cosmopolitan and contemporary city. Discovering Porto means discovering what makes it different : the famous Port Wine, an Historical Centre designated World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO, museums, enchanting parks and gardens, fashion boutiques by national and international designers…”.

European Travellers’ Choice Award 2012

Porto’s ‘movida’ is also something that will captivate you. Seth Sherwood, journalist of The New York Times has already written a full story on Porto’s amazing nightlife. Click here to read his story about us.

Don’t miss the opportunity to study in one of the most beautiful and cosmopolitan cities in Europe!