These general terms apply to all those who use, or intend to use, the services provided by Porto Business School.

By using the services provided by Porto Business School, you are accepting the terms and conditions which are in force at that time, therefore being bound to abide by them.

Image Rights

Enrolling in training programmes and events at Porto Business School presupposes the authorisation for the collection of images (photographs and video), within the scope of the activities integrated in the above mentioned programmes and events, as well as its potential use for the disclosure of future activities of the School.

Intellectual Property

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the copyright regarding works and projects developed within the scope of the training programmes performed at Porto Business School belong to the participant(s) and, should it apply, to the tutor or professor who ensures the supervision of such works.


The participant(s) commit to maintain confidentiality on data and other elements explicitly identified as confidential, both from Porto Business School and partner entities or third parties, to which they may have access to by virtue of activities regarding the programmes of the School. Examples of such are the final projects developed in companies.

The participant(s) also make the compromise to use such data solely and exclusively for the purpose and within the scope upon which they were given to them.

Porto Business School may render public, in digital format, the works performed by the participants within the scope of the training programmes conducted by it.

Should participants not wish to allow their works to be rendered available to the public, they must inform Porto Business School in writing and include the reference ‚ÄúConfidential‚ÄĚ in the documents. When there is no objection to such release, it is of the responsibility of the participants to safeguard the dissimulation of any piece of information which may be considered confidential.

Postponement or cancellation by the School

Porto Business School may, under certain circumstances, prompted by reasons of pedagogical, operation or compelling nature, choose to postpone or cancel the performance of some programmes it organises. Should there be a cancellation, Porto Business School will proceed to the full refund of the amount received as enrolment in the corresponding programme.

Payment Policy

The payment of the programme must be made before its beginning, according to the terms of payment defined for each programme. Enrolment will only be considered effective after payment.

There will be no refund of the amounts paid, unless the provisions for each programme allow them.


Companies associated to and Alumni of Porto Business School benefit from special prices for the training programmes of the School.
Beyond these special prices, Porto Business School has protocols with several external partners who foresee the application of discounts.

For further information, please verify the details on the intended programme.


Porto Business School has agreements established with several financial institutions which enable advantageous financing terms to whom may intend to attend its programmes.

For further information, please verify the details on the intended programme.


Porto Business School reserves for itself the exclusive right to, at all times, alter, add or revoke, partially or totally, the current General Terms.

It is the candidate’s duty to periodically consult the General Terms and the documents which complete them.

Ombudsman for the Student of the University of Porto

The participants of Porto Business School may, individually or collectively, present to the Ombudsman of the University of Porto complaints regarding the action or omission of the organs, services and agents of the School, as well as express suggestions.

The Ombudsman, his collaborators and third parties involved are subjected to a confidentiality commitment regarding information they may have had access to.