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How do I access Porto Business School catalog?
The Catalog is publicly available and is online, you simply connect via the Porto Business School page.

The catalog which is in the area of ??the IRC is an integrated catalog, ie, gather information from various colleges belonging to the University of Porto. Soon it is expected that all schools are integrated in a single catalog, thus saving time and resources. You can choose to search a multi-base (integrated) in all at once, or search a specific catalog, selecting the advanced search to search the base.

What I find in the Catalog?
The catalog is a bibliographic record of all documents (books, magazines, theses, working papers, CD-ROM, VHS, DVD, etc..) From the CDI.

What information meeting in Catalog?
Is the description of all documents according to Portuguese standards of cataloging, ie, title, author, publisher, release date, physical description of the document, summaries, location, etc.. In addition, all documents are properly classified according to UDC (Universal Decimal Classification) and indexed so you can retrieve the document at issue.

How do I search the Catalog?
You must fill in the fields: author, title, subject … (the data you have) and starting the search, then find a list of results that are the documents that match the search that launched. If you do not know the full name of the title, author or subject should be selected in the search field: title (word); author (word) and subject (word). So get more results in the search. The catalog itself has suggestions to improve your search.

Once you have found the document you are looking for how can I access it?
When the result of research carried out is presented, are shown various information about the document, one of them is its location (the technical term is used quota). So take note when the quota (the spine of the book), it will need to find the book on the shelf. If you need, please ask your employee.

How can I access my user area?
Soon we will have this functionality integrated with the information system of the Porto Business School. However, please refer to the IRC.


What databases are available? What can I look? How do I access?
Are available databases: Business Source Premier, Emerald, B-On and all that part of the Virtual Library UPorto.
Sometimes there are new databases during the trial period, be sure to consult them and give us your opinion!

You can refer to them all without passwords if you do from any computer on the internal network of Porto Business School.

In addition to the databases available online, the CDI also has a database on CD-ROM, ABI / INFORM, where you can find references, abstracts and full text of articles from about 1300 scientific journals of origin North American, European, Asian and Australian (from 1986 to 2000). To access this database, ask your service staff.