Porto & the North Region


From the Ribeira to Foz

Porto is increasingly becoming one of the world’s top destinations, be it for studying, sightseeing, working or establishing your company. In order to know Porto, one must experience it.

  • People

    Porto natives are said to be genuine, outspoken, welcoming, and to have their own vocabulary, which does not include the word "boredom". The city doesn’t stop, and neither do its residents.

  • River and sea

    From the Ribeira to the Foz, as in the the well-known song "Porto Sentido" [(Heart)felt Porto], by Rui Veloso. River and sea are inseparable and water is a natural part of the city.

  • Culture

    Chosen as the 2001 European Capital of Culture, Porto is currently a European cultural reference. The São João National Theatre, Casa da Música and the Serralves Museum are but a few examples.

  • Cuisine

    "Francesinhas," "tripas à moda do Porto" (Porto-style tripe), a number of codfish recipes, fresh fish and seafood. Douro wines. People eat and drink well in Porto. The hard part is choosing.

E esse teu ar grave e sério / num rosto de cantaria / que nos oculta o mistério / dessa luz bela e sombria

Rui Veloso

"Porto Sentido" [(Heart)felt Porto]

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From Peso da Régua
Futebol Clube do Porto

The "Estádio do Dragão" is home to one of Europe's biggest football clubs. The FCP Museum displays the club's century-old history containing the largest exhibit of official trophies.

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Making it happen

Strongly linked with industry, entrepreneurship, the technological scene, the city has its sights set on the future. There's always something going on in Porto. Change is in its DNA.