A transformational journey that begins in Porto, one of Europe's fast tech growing hub
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The International MBA  will expose you to the latest knowledge and best practices in the main hard skills’ management topics and will help you discover and enhance your soft skills.

Foundation Period

Providing a common knowledge framework

First Term

Essential core courses & soft skills training

Second Term

Intensive training in complementary core courses

International Week

Immersion Week [Past editions at UC Berkeley (California)]

Third Term

Deepening your experience elective courses & international week

Integrative Term

Putting it all Together [Final Consulting Project ].

The International MBA gave me a global perspective on business strategy, increased and strengthened my network, and redirected my career. Thanks to programme, I will be able to have an impact on my country's economy by working in a top consulting firm.

Bayeta Mulato

The International MBA - 2019

Business Immersion Week @ Berkeley UC

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A city of entrepreneurs, Porto is Portugal's second largest city and one of the country's leading economic and industrial centre.

The programme was my entry point to shift my career toward digital business transformation. I gained a new knowledge that was essential to thrive in a new field.

Anas Husaria

The International MBA 2017

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